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Automated machine learning
for enterprise solutions

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Why Protogen

  • Protogen’s machine learning modules specialize in computer vision, time series and tabular data analyses.

  • With Protogen you can transform your enterprise data to produce critical insights on main business flows.

Protogen engine consists of 2 building blocks

Tabular AutoML
  • Time series analyses
  • Tabular data analyses
Vision Module
  • Deep motion analyses
  • Anomaly detection

Tabular AutoML


Machine Learning/ Deep learning modules

  1. Neural Nets
  2. Boosting trees


Interpretation modules

  1. Advanced reporting generation
  2. Individual level predictions

How AutoML works

Main Features

machine-learning development

Produces high-quality model

artificial intelligence development

Automatically handles tabular data input

machine learning engineers

Easy-to-build models

AI developers

Easy-to-deploy models

ML Engineer

Saves time and money

Main Business Use Cases

  • Data Science Engineers


    Maximize your revenue

    Accurately predict customer demand and maximize your revenue by optimizing product distribution, promotion and pricing.

  • Big Data Engineering


    Understand your customer

    What’s your average customer’s lifetime value? Make the most of your marketing spend by using Protogen to estimate lead conversion and churn probability.

  • AI Teams


    Optimize your portfolio

    Foresee and optimize your policyholder portfolio’s risk and return by zeroing in on the potential for large claims and likelihood of fraud.

  • Enterprise machine learning


    Maintain your equipment

    Proactively anticipate asset, device, and equipment breakdowns to ensure your fleet operates at optimal performance with minimal costs.

  • Fraud detection
  • Ad optimization
  • Sales forecasting
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Product failure prediction
  • Resume screening
  • Pricing
  • Sales prioritization
  • Credit risk
  • Store layout
  • Customer retention/churn
  • Store location optimization
  • Recommendation systems
  • Staff scheduling
  • Insurance risk classification
  • Insurance loss prediction

Vision Module

Protogen vision modules provide state of the art results for a broad set of deep learning problems in the domain of computer vision, including video motion analyses and anomaly detection.

  • The user defines the problem and, if necessary, supplies task-related dataset.

  • The general model is selected from our vision module and fine-tuned on the task.

  • After successful testing, the model is deployed in production.

Meet the Team


Armen Ghambaryan

CEO of protogen Armen Ghambaryan

Armen Ghambaryan is a lead Data Scientist in Develandoo. He has been developing analytical systems based on the state-of-the-art machine learning models for central banks.He holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics. He sees a big promise in Protogen, since it aims to unlock the full potential of financial data by building fast, accurate and interpretable predictive systems.


Davit Tumasyan

CTO of protogen Davit Tumasyan

Davit Tumasyan is a chief technology officer. He is a former chief architect and backend developer. Davit has more than 6 years of experience in designing and developing large scale applications and big data solutions. He is confident that combining his experience with AI solutions and his business acumen, he is capable of developing protogen into robust solution that can cater to diverse clients and markets. He has excellent communication skills, enabling him to deeply engage with clients’ business requirements, operating markets to help them do develop modern and flexible solutions.

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